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Concierge aesthetic services offered in the Jackson area, inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Benefits of the Aspen Grove concierge model

- Convenience.

   WE BRING THE SPA TO YOU! at your desired time and location, making treatments easy to  fit into your busy schedule. We even have availability to  provide evening and weekend services. Pampering yourself has never been easier.

- Comfort.

    What is more comfortable than your own home? We provide in home aesthetic treatments so you never have to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room with other spa guests.

- Privacy.

     No one has to know that you are having any work done.

- Flexibility.

     We can arrange a single provider to perform services for you alone, or a team of friendly professionals for your entire bridal party (for example). In your home or hotel. We will work with you to find the best option for your unique requirements.


- What Our Clients Are Saying -

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Aspen Grove Medical is the new best thing in town. Carrie is warm and friendly. She is very knowledgeable about all things aesthetics. I did both the micro needling and several botox treatments. I have been so pleased with all of my outcomes!!

Services: BOTOX treatments, Microneedling

-Amelia Davis

I've been seeing Carrie for a couple of years and she's very talented, is very pleasant and explains every step of the process as well as what to expect and provides detailed after care instructions.
She helps me achieve the natural refreshed aesthetic that I desire. She has tailored my injections and I get great results. The POTENZA treatments provide phenomenal results with very little downtime. I feel I look much more fresh. I am very happy with her services

Services: BOTOX treatments, Microneedling

-Sarah Flannery

Aspen Grove Medical is the best! My Botox from Britt looks so good- wrinkle free but not frozen. I have also been getting RF microneedling with Carrie and after two treatments my complexion has changed tremendously! Fine lines I have had for years have disappeared, sunspots are gone, and my face is tighter and brighter! She also did RF microneedling on the backs of my arms and the stubborn loose skin has tightened right up. Highly recommend.

Services: BOTOX treatments, Microneedling

-Catherine Folsom

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